Term Definition
NFS/NFT Not for sale/Not for trade.
FS/FT For Sale/For Trade
ISO In Search Of
Dibs I want to purchase this pin and am ready to pay.
Bump To comment on a post so that it shows near the top of the Facebook group's feed again. This both shows support for somebody's post and moves it towards the top of the Facebook algorithm for displaying posts.
LE Limited Edition
AP Artist Proof

Unnumbered pin from the factory. Not counted in the LE run. Very often, Danny will receive some unnumbered bonus pins in his order. These are APs.
AE Artist Edition

Let's say that PPPP has a new pin that's LE 150. Danny may also have an artist edition of this pin. AE 25, for example. It's the same pin, but it'll say AE on the back. This means that there are 175 copies of this pin in total. LE 150 and AE 25.
Factory Raw Not an official variant of a design, just a raw pin that Danny got as a bonus from the factory. More of these may come from the factory if another batch of variants are made.
SE Show Edition
Variant Different color schemes (also called colorways) for the same design.
Waffle Another term for a raffle.
Drop Price The price a pin was originally sold for by Danny.
D+S Drop price + shipping.
G&S The Goods & Services option in PayPal. There is a fee to the seller but the buyer's purchase is protected (i.e. can be refunded).
F&F The Friends & Family option in PayPal. No fee to the seller, and no fee to the buyer if certain payment methods are used. Buyer has no recourse if the seller does not follow through, so use with caution.
STFO Sold The Fuck Out
Gubb Purple & Green

Named after Twiddle's bassist Zdenek Gubb and his purple and green hat